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Aircon Installation

Aircon installation Singapore is something that should be accomplished appropriately. Why? There are many benefits that proper aircon installation presents. One of it is that proper air-con installation can have you assured that you will be able to get the maximum benefits of your unit.

On the other hand, these things will also mean that getting the services of an excellent Singapore air con installer is a must. Our air-con installers have enough knowledge and skills to do the installation of the unit in your home. Aside from this, we can also successfully perform the installation of the unit, so you can be assured that it is safe to use to cool your home.

You can also be guaranteed that your aircon will stay in place as it will be carefully positioned to ensure that you will get its utmost quality performance. With these advantages, you can say that hiring our services to install your aircon is a wise decision to make.

Job Scope

  • Troubleshoot the root problem of the airconditioning system if it’s able to be repaired
  • Recommend possible aircons for your house based on the your budget and dimensions of house.
  • Explain and provide solutions on different type of condensing pipes to be used.
  • Installation of Aircon at your premise within a day(residential).


Quotation of the Aircon Installation is Free, however we may need to collect a deposit upon the confirmation of the aircon installation.


All installation provided by Time Wing Trading comes with One year warranty. This warranty is provided by the sole agent of the Air-con installed.

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