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Aircon Repair

Time Wing Trading is your Singapore air-con repair expert. Whether your air conditioner is no longer cooling, or simply requires maintenance, our highly trained technicians can resolve all your ac issues.

With precise ac repair and services, we ensure timely services at affordable rates. We also offer free detailed estimates and free checking and transportation as well. As summer rapidly approaches, it is essential to have your air-con units checked. The last thing you need is for your air conditioner to stop working during those scorching months. —> THis is every weird… This is singapore, there are no 4 seasons…

At Time Wing Trading, we make sure your air-con units are always up to date. As ac repair specialists, we also make sure your aircon units are performing at peak levels.
This includes repair, along with installation of components and accessories. Whether you simply need an upgrade or a full overhaul, we are committed to excellence in all aircon repairs and services. From topping off aircon gases to repairing motors and blades, we simply do it all. For more information on our aircon repairs, contact us now.

Job Scope

  • Troubleshoot the root problem of the airconditioning system
  • Furthur Checks on additional problems in the airconditioning system
  • Report and Explain the problems that resulted from the faulty aircon.
  • Recommend and Quote the economical solution for the existing problems


Analysis of the aircon root problem will cost $10, however this charges will be waived upon the confirmation of the repair job


All repairs provided by Time Wing Trading comes with a minimum warranty of 1 month. This warranty is subjected to changes depending on the type of repair being done.

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