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Aircon servicing

Aircon Service
The best approach to keep your aircon at its top condition is to have the unit serviced regularly. A lot of people are not aware about the significance of aircon servicing until it is already too late. With the help of Time Wing aircon maintenance service, your aircon will provide you the best performance ever.

Time Wing aircon services offer the kind of service that can surely cater to your needs. One of the major benefits of getting us for your aircon service is the amount of money that you will be able to save from doing so. When your air-con runs at its finest performance, it does not utilize as much energy, which in turn allows you to save hundreds of dollars in the long run.

We are able to service your aircon such that it is able to last longer. So that you will be free from any aircon problems.

Time Wing has did a wonderful overhaul chemical service for our house. The aircons are so much cooler now! Read More…

General Service

General Servicing is required by all your air-conditioner if it is used occasionally. It helps to clear your water pipe and prevent any water leaking. Besides it helps your aircon to be running at it’s best potential.

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Chemical Service

Chemical Cleaning provides an overhaul cleaning to your air-con to re-condition it to be 90% new. This service helps to clear out any blockages to the air-flow of the air-conditioner so that it can be operating at it’s tip-top condition.

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Contract Services


Aircon Maintenance is crucial for aircon. To ensure that your AC is cold at all times, engage our contract services so that we will arrange an appointment to clean your AC for you! This keeps you away from all the worries you already have!

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