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Chemical Service

Aircon chemical cleaning is something that should be done at least twice a year. With this in mind, relying on the services of Time Wing aircon chemical cleaning service is important to consider.

As the aircon is being used everyday, there will be hazardous molds that grow in the fancoil of your aircon. These spores can be blown into the air, which is harmful to your health. If you think that your unit is not functioning well, you may also have it undergo an overhaul. Undergoing a chemical overhaul will help improve the performance of the aircon.

As we use the right aircon chemical, so you can be assured that the unit will be cleaned effectively.

Job Scope

  • Clean Cover and Filter with Chemical
  • Disconnect all electrical component
  • Chemical Wash of Fancoil and Blower to remove all the dirt and stains
  • Vacuum and Clear Water Pipe to Prevent Water Leaking
  • Dry The Aircon Using Vacuum or Gas
  • Wipe Dry The Aircon with a cloth
  • Assemble Back the Aircon
  • Check the operating usage and set to a recommended temperature and fan speed
  • Check the refrigerant system of the Aircon
  • Top up if necessary for Chemical Overhaul


  • Prevent Water Leaking of your Aircon
  • Re-instate your aircon back to 90% new
  • Increase Coldness yet saving on your electricity bills
  • Cleaner Air Within the room
  • No worries about water leaking as we provide 1 month warranty for you!


Type Of Chemical WashingPrice
Chemical Washing(On-tray)$70/unit (9,000btu)
Chemical Overhaul$130/unit


Warranty for Chemical Servicing is 1 month warranty for Water Leaking!

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