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Contract Service

Aircon maintenance should be treated with proper attention. You should not do it just because aircon maintenance will keep your unit last longer, but this thing is far more important than that. Aircon maintenance can make a great difference in the quality of the unit’s performance. With this in mind, getting a Singapore aircon maintenance contract should be seriously considered.

Our Singapore aircon contract has the intention to keep the unit at its best condition. In addition to this, the contract intends to maintain the unit to avoid major breakdowns and keep the quality of its functions. In Singapore, where it is hot and humid the whole year round, having a contract that will ensure the maintenance of your unit is a must. For facilities and homes with elderly residents, getting a aircon contract service is even more significant. For these reasons, you can say that getting a contract service can help you to ensure that your unit will always be kept at an excellent working condition.

Clean and Wash the aircon filtersHealthier and Cleaner Airflow
Clean and Wash the aircon coverIncrease coolness of your Aircon
Clean and Vacuum the aircon coilPrevents Aircon Parts to be faulty
Clean and Vacuum the Aircon BlowerIncrease savings on Electrical Bills!
Top-Up the refrigerant system(Up to 5 P.S.I per trip)Increase Coolness with Refrigerant Top-Up
Clean and Vacuum the Drainage PipePrevent Water Leaking!
Check Noise Problems
Test Run to ensure that your aircon is cool


Number of Units Quarterly 4X
2 Fancoils$200
3 Fancoils$240/unit
4 Fancoils$320/unit
5 or More FancoilsCall us for Special Rate!


For Contract Service, You need not worry about any your aircon having any water leaking! As there is 1 Year Warranty for it!

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