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General Service

Air con cleaning keeps the unit clean at all times and function at its best. Cleaning your air-con by Time Wing will ensure you that it will work efficiently and keep your house cool even during the hottest weather.

It is also important to keep in mind that there are certain parts of your air-con that require cleaning at times. If these parts of your aircon are not cleaned for a very long time, it can unhelpfully affect the excellence of the air that is coming out from the unit.

By getting help from Time Wing aircon cleaning service, you can be assured that your unit is effectively cleaned. Getting help can also ensure you that the job is well done as we have the proper knowledge and skills to do it.

Air conditioning maintenance will allow your unit to last longer as it is always kept in good condition. An aircon with no regular maintenance can increase your bills, so it is just right to get help from Time Wing Trading today!

Job Scope

Clean and Wash the aircon filtersHealthier and Cleaner Airflow
Clean and Wash the aircon coverIncrease coolness of your Aircon
Clean and Vacuum the aircon coilPrevents Aircon Parts to be faulty
Clean and Vacuum the Aircon BlowerIncrease savings on Electrical Bills!
Check Electrical Componant
Check Noise Problems
Check the refrigerant system
Test Run to ensure that your aircon is cool


General Servicing Rates are at $20 Per unit! Should you have more than 3 aircon that needs to be serviced each time, Call us to get a better price!

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